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Photography is about the moment. Nothing remains the same,  even landscapes. Photographs are visual haiku, catching the moment and, if one is fortunate, something more profound that draws one into the absolute wonder of what the Chinese would call the ten thousand things. The pleasure of taking photographs is the pleasure of being in those moments, and the pleasure of making those photographs into viewable images is the pleasure of reliving them and more deeply appreciating what they show.  

The galleries here represent some of my interests in landscapes, sculptures, and people. The section on mathematicians is more personal, a record of special moments with some of my friends and colleagues, most of them doing what they love most—talking mathematics—, a number of them sadly no longer with us. The vast majority of my photography has been in black and white, a medium of reduction, abstraction, and tonality that has always appealed to me. Lately I have also taken to some colour work, the inevitable outcome of working with digital cameras that in any case, with one notable exception, always take in colour.  Some images are just better in colour than in black and white.

There is one small gallery devoted to pictures from the small and beautiful Leica T, which I personally I have come to like. My only regret, and this applies to most of the galleries shown here, is that computer screens do no justice to what these images can be made to look like when properly printed onto photosensitive and digital papers.

Purchase: Most of the photographs on in this site are available as fine art prints for purchase. If you have interest in obtaining a print of any of the photographs, please contact me by email.