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I have loved the aesthetics of black and white photography ever since I was 10 years old and spent many hours with a large commemorative photographic album on the life of King George V. In his days the British Empire was half the world, and the sumptuous black and white images of the Royal Yacht Britannia and the king's interactions with his exotic far-flung kingdoms enthralled me.

Now, sixty years later my first love in photography is still black and white images. The ability of the camera is to select from the complex something that is essential, and through reduction to black and white to elucidate its form, texture, pattern, and perhaps most of all its light. In its best moments, life with a camera continues to re-awaken me to the intimacy, beauty, and wonder of this world.

Landscapes and sculptures have long been a source of inspiration. More recently I have been enjoying trying to capture fleeting moments from human life on the streets around me - visual forms of haiku moments. The section on mathematicians is more personal, a record of special moments with some of my friends and colleagues, most of them doing what they love most - talking mathematics -, a number of them sadly no longer with us.

Purchase: Most of the photographs on in this site are available as fine art prints for purchase. If you have interest in obtaining a print of any of the photographs, please contact me by email.