My love of black and white photographs originates in my childhood. My parents had a wonderful jubilee book picturing the life and travels of King George V. I loved the gorgeous images, all in black and white, picturing the exotic places of the vast British Empire of that time and the billowing sails of the Royal Yacht Britannia in various seas. Later on it was the great North American photographers, Ansel Adams, Paul Strand, Roloff Beny, Minor White, and then the amazing Henri Cartier-Bresson who drew me into my own photography and into the whole magic of darkroom processing. Even now, having switched to the digital world, holding a fresh gorgeous black and white photographic print in my hands is likely to raise goose bumps.

My professional life has revolved around mathematics and now, in retirement, I still have a passion for its internal beauty of consistency and form. In my photography I am never conscious of any mathematical overtones, but I presume that the forces that direct me derive from the same place. Black and white photography is an abstraction, a simplification of the complexity of the world into line and form, luminance, and texture, all brought together into an overall balance and unity. And then there is the tactile pleasure of those gorgeous prints!

The galleries here represent some of my interests in architecture, landscapes, sculptures, and people. The Portfolio Gallery is representative of the work of the past few years, almost exclusively taken with Leica cameras.

The gallery on mathematicians is more personal, a record of special moments with some of my friends and colleagues, most of them doing what they love most—talking mathematics—, a number of them sadly no longer with us. These are all photographs of the moment, and often more important than perfect focusing or composition it is the beautiful expressiveness and overt passion of these people that I have sought to capture.

It is surprising to me to observe my movement more towards people as subjects for my images. I do not think of myself as a real street photographer, having neither the skill nor temperament for it. Yet I am slowly taking more pictures of people --- life as it is.  In doing so I hope above all to render each within their own individual beauty and dignity.


I believe that, through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us which can mold us, but which can also be affected by us. A balance must be established between these two worlds — the one inside us and the one outside us. As a result of a constant reciprocal process, both these worlds come to form a single one. And it is this world that we must communicate.  - Henri Cartier-Bresson




Purchase: Most of the photographs on in this site are available as fine art prints for purchase. If you have interest in obtaining a print of any of the photographs, please contact me by email.