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It may seem strange to take three dimensional sculptures (in colour!) and reduce them to two dimensional black and white images, but as long as I can remember I have been attracted to such photographs. The beauty of the shading and the reduction to the essence of form and texture often seems to reveal more clearly the deep humanity that the artist has portrayed in the work.
Diana the HuntressDying SlaveThe three gracesWhich self?Enthroned Zeusdetail form "La toilette de Atalante"Earth MotherMother and ChildMother and ChildWalking in BeautyNellie Begay, R.C. Gorman, Taos, NM'Ksan TotemsKwan YinGolden BuddhaSaint Joseph, CerrillosThe Virgin MaryMercy Mother and ChildAbstractAudubon's Great Booklove is blind

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